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Healthy Hair > Beautiful Hair

In the midst of the world learning to adjust to the new normal, one thing that shouldn’t change is the ability to indulge in self care! Listed below are some tips to sustain healthy hair maintenance while at home.

  • In the case of shampooing your hair, please use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Your first shampoo should be a cleansing shampoo to remove all dirt and debris from the hair.
  • Although protective styles are always an option, make sure that you are monitoring the tension that is being placed on the hair. The more tension, the more breakage.

Recommended: Kera Care hydration shampoo and conditioner, or Design Essentials Moisture Retention and Almond Butter Express Conditioner.

  •  If using a flat iron or straightener, please utilize the lowest temperature setting and work your way up – this will help to eliminate hair breakage. If possible, try not put any heat in your hair.
  • To keep the hair hydrated, light oils are recommended (Argon oil, coconut oil, etc.)

Make sure you are using Satin scarfs or Satin bonnets to retain the moisture throughout the hair. This will also eliminate unnecessary breakout from occurring.


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